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Our Park

Several years ago, with young families in mind, our church decided to take a portion of our property on the west side of our building and create a play area for children, complete with brand new age-appropriate playground equipment. We designated a certain play area for young children ages 2-5, and a separate play area for older children ages 6-12. All children 16 years of age and under are to be supervised by a responsible adult. Children over 16 are welcome to play or just relax in the grass area, behaving in a manner that does not infringe on the peace and well-being enjoyed by our many fine neighbors.  


We simply ask our guests to be respectful of our park and playground equipment, to pick up any trash that they may have dropped, and to be considerate of others who are using the park and play area. We have also asked that no one be in the park or play area after dark.


Unfortunately, we have sometimes had to deal with some inappropriate behavior by teens using the park and play area. On a few of these occasions we have had to call the County Sheriff's Office, who has asked us to call whenever we encounter a problem and need assistance. We hope that we don’t have to do so again. 


May God bless each one of you, and please feel free to use our park and playground equipment at any time during the day.   

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